Can I Obtain a Tourist Visa Upon Arrival in Port Moresby? And How Much Does it Cost?

Visitor visas are available upon arrival provided onward tickets are carried by bona fide tourists. As the cost is not under the control of the airline it is best to check with your travel agent for the latest rates for a sixty (60) day stay. At this stage, only PGK payment is accepted by Immigration so where possible have PNG Kina handy.


Visas are obtainable upon arrival for most passport holders. Please check with PNG embassy / consulate or their representatives prior to departure for confirmation of visa requirements. If you are not able to exchange your currency to PNG Kina prior to arrival into the country, you will be able to do so in the Arrivals Hall at the Currency Exchange Booth. This booth is located in the Baggage Claim section so you will need to request permission from Immigration to change currency for visa payment.

Where Can I Obtain a Tourist Visa for PNG?

Papua New Guinea Visitor visas can be obtained at any of the following High Commissions / PNG Embassies; In London, Singapore, New York, Washington, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Wellington, Suva, Honiara.

What Are The Export Rules For PNG?

Many artifacts, historical and cultural objects are prohibited exports. Others require a permit from the National Museum. Export permits for wildlife and animal products are issued by the Nature Conservation Division of the Department of Environment and Conservation. You may need to obtain an Export Clearance from the Internal Revenue Commission as well.

What is the Best Time to Dive in PNG?

The best time to dive in PNG differs from region to region but generally diving is good all year round. Visibility in areas differ depending on the rainy seasons. Most divers plan their trips anytime between March and late November.

When is the Best Time to Visit Papua New Guinea ?

The best time to visit Papua New Guinea is during the airlines off-peak season and that is early March - end of November. During this period there are long weekends due to Public Holidays, plus School holidays that see heavy booking of domestic flights. It is recommended that you contact your nearest Air Niugini Sales office for checks on flight loads.

If we are SCUBA Divers, is there any Special Baggage Allowance?

Air Niugini offers the following baggage allowance for scuba divers; International flights - 20kgs (44lbs) plus an additional 15kgs (33lbs) per person. Domestic flights - 16kgs (35lbs) plus an additional 15kgs (33lbs) per person. Air Niugini honours the International allowance for International passengers in direct transit on same day to a domestic port in PNG.

What is the Weight Limitation for Cabin Baggage On PX Flights?

Cabin baggage is limited to 5kgs (11lbs) per person.

What are the Baggage Allowances on Air Niugini's International and Domestic Flights?

International flights - Business Class: 30kgs (66lbs) per person Economy Class: 20kgs (44lbs) per person Domestic flights - 16kgs (35lbs) per person

Are there any Other Special Fares Available for International Visitors?

For passengers arriving into Papua New Guinea, Air Niugini offers a domestic discount of  20% depending on the International fare purchased and whether bona-fide tour arrangements have been booked. Travel must be exclusively on Air Niugini.


Bonafide visitors are also eligible for the "Visit South Pacific" Pass which offers one way fares between Honiara, Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney and Port Moresby.  Fares depending on the sector, range from USD210.00 and USD270.00 one way.  Visitors must purchase a return fare to satisfy immigration requirements.


For further information on the pass, or other domestic airfares, contact your nearest Air Niugini office or General Sales Agent. (Refer to the Contact Page for contact numbers).

Does Air Niugini have an Airpass Available for Travel Around PNG? And how do I Qualify?

Yes we do. The 'See PNG Pass' is available all year round at USD375.00 for 4 flight coupons. Additional sectors can be purchased at USD75.00 per coupon (unlimited). This pass must be booked and ticketed prior to arrival and is valid for passengers travelling exclusively on Air Niugini's international and domestic services.


For further information on the pass, or other domestic airfares, contact your nearest Air Niugini office or General Sales Agent. (Refer to the Contact Page for contact numbers).
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