Air Niugini Cargo Features in 40th Anniversary Campaign

Air Niugini Cargo is featured in two advertisements as part of Air Niugini’s 40th anniversary campaign.

The inclusion of the ads in the campaign underlines the important role that the Cargo division plays in the airline, as well as in the development of Papua New Guinea.

While many other countries rely on a robust rail or road network, Papua New Guinea has really been built off the back of the airline industry, and the country continues to rely heavily on air travel as a primary mode of transport.

The first cargo-based ad features popular Cargo executive James Tira in the hull of one of two Air Niugini ATRs with the caption ‘Our cargo goes where no car goes’.

The second cargo-based ad features Cargo Operations Controller Hare Hapeho and underlines the important role Air Niugini Cargo plays in transporting over 11,000 tonnes of freight per year.

Other advertisements in the Air Niugini 40th anniversary series feature cabin crew, pilots, engineering, customer services, flight operations, commercial operations and even Air Niugini CEO Wasantha Kumarasiri.

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Click the images below to view the two Air Niugini Cargo ads.

AIR015 Facebook Ads CARGO     AIR015 Facebook Ads-CARGO 2