Can I Obtain a Tourist Visa Upon Arrival in Port Moresby? And How Much Does it Cost?

Visitor visas are available upon arrival provided onward tickets are carried by bona fide tourists. As the cost is not under the control of the airline it is best to check with your travel agent for the latest rates for a sixty (60) day stay. At this stage, only PGK payment is accepted by Immigration so where possible have PNG Kina handy.


Visas are obtainable upon arrival for most passport holders. Please check with PNG embassy / consulate or their representatives prior to departure for confirmation of visa requirements. If you are not able to exchange your currency to PNG Kina prior to arrival into the country, you will be able to do so in the Arrivals Hall at the Currency Exchange Booth. This booth is located in the Baggage Claim section so you will need to request permission from Immigration to change currency for visa payment.

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