UATP Program

Air Niugini UATP Program

Air Niugini UATP accounts brings you a winning combination of premium airline service and the ultimate travel card program that allows companies to manage their travel expenses effectively.

Enjoy the convenience of easy, hassle-free corporate travel planning.

What is UATP?

UATP is a low cost payment network privately owned by the world’s airlines.

UATP Issuers

UATP cards are issued by airlines worldwide to their corporate customers; and accepted by more than 260 airlines and travel agencies globally. This makes UATP an impressive network for corporate clients who use UATP as their preferred form of payment. UATP supports all Issuers with state of the art Authorisation and Transaction Processing. UATP Issuers are required to be shareholders of UATP.

Why should corporations subscribe to UATP?

  • Receive detailed reports for air travel.
  • Centralise billing and improve cost controls.
  • Manage corporate travel spend in less time with more accuracy.

How is UATP processed?

We use an agency to book our travel and I want to make sure there is no charge for them.

UATP is processed just like any other form of payment. The agency books a ticket on the traveller’s behalf via their reservations solution. When they are prompted for the form of payment, they enter the UATP account number. A valuable feature of UATP is that the product is flexible. Corporations can choose to have a lodged account (i.e. a virtual card – no plastic) or a physical card. A lodged account works especially well with agencies because the number is held with the agency in the traveller’s profile which provides excellent security.

Benefits of UATP

Enjoy cost savings, greater control and reconcile easily with the most detailed reporting in the industry.

Click here to read more about the benefits of UATP.


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