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Jet Lag

The main cause of jetlag is travelling to different time zones without giving the body a chance to adjust to new night-day cycles. In general, the more your biological clock is disturbed. The common symptoms are sleeplessness, tiredness, loss of appetite or appetite at odd hours.


  • Get a good nights rest before your flight.
  • Arrive at your destination a day or two early, to give your body a chance to become more acclimatised to the new zone.
  • Fly direct to minimise flight time.This allows you to relax more upon arrival.
  • Leave your watch on home time if you’re staying at your destination less than 48 hours. Also try to eat and sleep according to your home time.
  • Change your watch to local time if your stay is longer that 48 hourd, and try to eat and sleep in accordance with the local time.
  • On longer stays, try to prepare in advance, adjust your meal and rest to be closer to those of your destination.
  • Try some light exercise – go for a brisk walk, or do some reading if you can’t sleep after arrival at your destination. It generally takes the body’s biological clock approximately one day to adjust pr time zone crossed.
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