Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about Papua New Guinea  and the Kokoda Trail that can help any trekker learn a little bit more about the adventure ahead.


The capital city of Papua New Guinea is Port Moresby, located on the south western side of the island.


The population of PNG is approximately 7 million.


There are around 800 different languages spoken in PNG. The most commonly spoken languages are Pidgin and Motu.


The currency used in PNG is the Kina (Key-na) with an exchange rate of 1 AUD = 2.27 PGK (estimate as of April 2013).

Length of the Kokoda Trail

The trail is approximately 96 kilometres long (60 miles).

Where in PNG does the Trail Run

The Kokoda Trail runs from Owers’ Corner in the southern portion of the Central Province to the northern section of Kokoda in the Oro province.

Typical Time Needed to Walk the Trail

Most treks typically range from 6 to 11 days in length, but many natives can cross the entire track in as little as 3 days.

When to Walk the Trail

Trekking companies usually run between March and October, but the preferred time for most trekkers is during the drier and cooler months from May to September.

Number of Trek Operators

There are 27 commercially operated trekking companies acknowledged by the Kokoda Track Authority.

Number of Annual Trekkers

The number of trekkers has grown exponentially each year since the turn of the century with an average of over 2,500 trekkers making the journey each year.

Types of Mammals Seen on the Trail

The Kokoda Trail boasts a large wildlife population with the typical mammals ranging from cuscuses and ringtail possums to mountain forest wallabies and tree kangaroos.

Types of Birds Seen on the Trail

PNG possesses a large variety of birds including the extravagant birds of paradise, the odd looking larger cassowaries and many smaller brightly coloured birds.

Types of Snakes

PNG contains over 80 species of snakes, half of which are venomous. Trekkers should be sure to keep an eye out for the Papuan Taipan and the Death Adder.

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