Walking the Kokoda Trail

There are several commercially licensed Kokoda trekking companies to help travellers make the journey and guide them across the historic track.

Many of the Kokoda trekking companies follow the Kokoda Trail from Kokoda to Port Moresby. By hiking the trail toward Port Moresby, trekkers get to finish their journey underneath the Kokoda Memorial Archway at Owers’ Corner, which is a perfect final remembrance to the history of the Kokoda Trail.

In 1942 during the Kokoda Campaign the Japanese forces pushed their way down the Kokoda Trail toward Port Moresby, but were ultimately spread too thin enabling the Allied troops to force them back up the trail and out of Papua New Guinea. Being able to literally walk in the footsteps of those courageous soldiers who fought and died along the Kokoda Trail is what inspires many travellers to complete the walk today.

In addition to the great historical aspects of the journey, the tour guides assigned to each trekking group offer an abundance of information on the local people, their customs and their culture as well as the wildlife, flora and fauna that is local to the areas along the trail. These tour guides usually have multiple years of experience hiking the land and the trail, as well as medical knowledge in case any emergencies should occur while on the journey. Some companies offer more reputable trail leaders than others, which usually goes hand in hand with the price of the trek as well as the supplies provided by the trekking company.

The walk typically takes anywhere from 4 to 12 days to traverse the entirety of the Kokoda Trail, depending on how many stops are made. The trek may seem like a long and challenging one, but it pays off tenfold with the amount of knowledge and sense of accomplishment that is achieved upon its completion.



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