Details of the walk

Typically when learning about Kokoda, the first question asked is, “How long is the trail?” The Kokoda Trail is known for its rigorous length of 96 kilometres and its ever changing elevation and various types of terrain. Before trekking the trail, it is important to first understand its difficulty, the fitness level required to trek it, as well as the accommodation that can be found along the trail.

With the trail’s terrain varying, it is important to understand that trekkers will need both physical and mental stamina to be able to persevere. The Kokoda Track houses challenges such as long hill climbs, steep and slippery descents, muddy paths, and countless tree roots protruding out of the ground. This should not discourage prospective trekkers, as the breathtaking scenery and beautiful landscapes more than make up for any hazards encountered along the way.

To ensure you fully enjoy the trek and the breathtaking sights it possesses, you should choose your itinerary according to your fitness level. If you have a lower level of fitness, the 9 to 11 day trek would most likely be more suitable for you, while the shorter treks may be more exciting for those with a higher level of fitness.

During the hike trekkers can expect to sleep in different forms of housing depending on where they decided to stop for the night. One option for trekkers is a guesthouse. Guesthouses are village owned and operated housing which are available for trekkers to stay in for a relatively small fee. Most of these guesthouses are built in the traditional style of the village with open walls and a waterproof ceiling. Some guesthouses offer fruit for breakfast as well as a site for starting a campfire in order to cook food or dry off any wet clothes.

If there are no guesthouses nearby, the next viable option is a campsite. These campsites are located in many places along the trail as well as in certain villages. They offer a site to camp for the night along with a toilet pit and wash area. The tents used vary depending on the amount of people needed to use them, but all are equipped with a fly screen door to keep the bugs out at night.

Trekkers who are well prepared and knowledgeable about what they will encounter along the Kokoda Track are sure to experience the greatest amount of fun and excitement from their journey.


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