Community Facilities

Over the past two decades the Kokoda Track has quickly become the perfect site for many people interested in adventure holidays and exploring a new and beautifully exotic world. The annual number of trekkers on the trail has been growing rapidly year after year as word spreads about the incredible experience the track has to offer. This influx of people is what encouraged the government to create the Kokoda Track Authority (KTA).

The KTA’s main goal is to ensure that all trekkers are able to make it across the Kokoda Trail safely as well as to guarantee that the profits made from the trail will be funnelled back into the Papua New Guinea community. With the mass amounts of people hiking through the jungle each year, it is of the upmost importance to have proper facilities such as toilets, water stations, campsites and lodging for the trekkers to be able to cleanly and easily use.

There are pit toilets at almost all campsites and villages along the trail; most of these are well maintained, but this can vary from location to location. It is recommended that trekkers bring at least one roll of toilet paper with them. Pit toilets are usually used until they are full at which point the hole is buried in order to allow its contents to properly decompose.

In terms of water stations, there will typically be washing opportunities at almost all villages. These washing stations are present in the forms of either a lake or creek, where villagers funnel a stream of water through a hollowed out log or pipe.

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