Kokoda Trail Itineraries

For anyone looking to experience exotic and beautiful places on adventure holidays, the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea is the best place to explore. Thousands come to the trail each year to explore the beautiful rainforest while learning about the Trail’s importance during the Kokoda Campaign in World War II, as well as the customs and culture of the local villagers who live along the trail.

The Kokoda Trail can usually be trekked by natives in 3 or 4 days, but for those enjoying adventure holidays the typical program lengths are between 6 and 11 days. Each of these programs provides their own itinerary for the trek.

The shorter trekking programs usually have a lower price, but at the cost of missing out on a more thorough experience. The typical itineraries involve leaving Port Moresby to start the Kokoda Trail at Owers’ Corner and follow its length to Kokoda. Most trekkers will then receive a night stay at a local guest house or the Orohaven Kokoda Retreat, before flying back to Port Moresby the following morning. There are numerous villages along the way to stop off at and explore as well as several historical landmarks where battles were fought during the Kokoda Campaign.

The itinerary of treks that last a day or so longer typically includes more stops and allows trekkers to spend more time at villages along the trail. They may also include a longer stay at Kokoda in order to give their trekkers time to rest and relax as well as wash their clothes and themselves before flying back to Port Moresby.

The itinerary for the longer treks that last 10 days or more are typically run by people with decades of Kokoda Trail experience. With the extra days, these treks can include side trips to nearby lakes and ridges. They also allow more leniencies to those taking the trek; some even allow the trekkers to rest if they need to or continue to push on for a few more hours.

Before taking part in what is sure to be one of your most unforgettable experiences, it is important to note what is included in your accommodations package. These too can vary as to how much food, water, cleaning supplies and sleeping gear is provided by the trekking company.



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