What is the Kokoda Trail

The Kokoda Trail is the most famous hiking track in Papua New Guinea. Travelling through PNG, the Kokoda Track stretches 96 kilometres northeast from Owers Corner in the Central Province, located approximately 50 kilometres east of Port Moresby. The trail comes to an end at the village of Kokoda in the Oro Province.

The Kokoda Trail is a single-file foot path, running in a straight line through the Owen Stanley Range for a 60 kilometre stretch. The trail includes many hiking challenges as it reaches a height of approximately 2,190 metres, running around the peak of Mount Bellamy. The trail will take you through numerous ascents and descents as well as alongside beautiful waterways and across breathtaking rivers.  The Kokoda Track is known for its hot and humid days and its intensely cold nights, with occasional torrential downpours. At times, the rain clouds drop to much lower altitudes making it seem as though the trail leads through a thick encompassing mist. Typically the best time of year to trek the Kokoda Trail is during the dry season from April to September.

The trail is infamous for being the location of the battle between Australian and Japanese forces in World War II. One can expect to see many memorials and historical sites along the trail, which were erected in honour of the Allied troops who fought to save Papua New Guinea from the invading Japanese forces.

The time taken to walk the trail usually ranges from 4 to 12 days, depending on the amount of stops, and the fitness level of the person making the trek. However, locals familiar with the trail are well known for making the trek in its entirety in only three days. The trek should take about 50 hours of walking time, which means the average speed of those hiking the trail is around 2 kilometres per hour. This should give some indication as to how challenging some of the terrain can be, as well as why the Kokoda Trail is a much sought after destination for those with some sense of adventure in mind.


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