What to see on the Kokoda Trail

The station town of Kokoda, Papua New Guinea offers many activities for its travellers to do and sites to explore. Kokoda is teeming with history as it was the location of the famous WWII battle known as the Kokoda Campaign, where the town was captured again and again by the Japanese and Australian forces until the Australians were able to push the Japanese from the island, signalling the first Allied victory against the Japanese in WWII. This battle is ever-present in the people’s memory of Kokoda, as many of the elders personally still know the tales of what happened.

The history of this battle can be revisited by travellers at the Kokoda Memorial Museum, where numerous WWII relics are displayed along with many intriguing facts about the town and the campaign that raged through it. There are several day walks to historic sites of neighbouring villages, each with their own story. During these tours you can expect to learn a great deal about the Kokoda campaign as well as the Kokoda people and their culture including native dances, food and music. The majority of these day treks also involve incredible scenery from rivers and waterfalls to the lush forest full of exotic birds, butterflies and wildlife

The Kokoda Trail is typically the main attraction to see as it is well known for its challenging 96 kilometre trek.  Villages and merchant stalls are found all along the trail. The friendly settlers and merchants offer many stories to tell as well as varied local fruits from bananas and mandarins to passion fruits. They also offer many locally made souvenirs and accessories. The trail holds many historically significant sites with information about the Kokoda campaign, the battles waged and the men that trudged across the trail during the Second World War.

With its combination of history and local customs, along with the beautiful scenery and amazing wildlife, there seems to be something for everyone to see and explore in Kokoda, Papua New Guinea.


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