Remembrance & Memorials

Throughout the Kokoda Trail’s 96 kilometre stretch, there are numerous sites to see and adventures to experience. Since the trail became famous during the Kokoda Campaign in World War II, many of these attractions have historical significance to the actions of the men of the Allied forces that fought so hard to push the Japanese forces from Kokoda and out of Papua New Guinea. Numerous relics can be seen from this time period and two of the main attractions that the track offers are the Kokoda Memorial Hospital and the Bomana War Cemetery.

The Kokoda Memorial Hospital was built in 1995 by Australian Rotary volunteers. The finance for the construction of the hospital was paid for by the Australian Government, while the Government of Papua New Guinea provided the staff. The Kokoda Memorial Hospital was named in honour of those men who fought and gave their lives for Australia during the Kokoda Campaign.

Along with the Kokoda Memorial Hospital, the Bomana War Cemetery was also established in order to honour those who gave their lives during the Kokoda Campaign. The Bomana War Cemetery is located roughly 19 kilometres from Port Moresby near the southern end of the Kokoda Track. The cemetery was established in 1942 during the Kokoda Campaign. In the following years those men who were temporarily buried elsewhere on the island were moved to the Bomana War cemetery from the outlying graveyards where the various battles of the campaign had taken place.

Both the Kokoda Memorial Hospital and the Bomana War Cemetery are great locations for self-reflections either before or after the trek across the Kokoda Trail. They both provide a brief glimpse of the struggles that once inhabited the great country of Papua New Guinea before the allied forces were able to drive the invading forces out of the country.


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