Kokoda Memorial Hospital

The Kokoda Track is a 96 kilometre trail that was made famous by its usage during the Kokoda Campaign in 1942 during the Second World War. It was in this campaign that Australian and other Allied forces fought against the Japanese troops for several months in an exhausting, drawn out battle. During this time many lives were lost on both sides until the Allied forces were finally able to push the Japanese troops out of Kokoda and out of Papua New Guinea handing the Allied forces their first victory against the Japanese during World War II.

Many shrines and museums exist in Papua New Guinea and Kokoda especially, all of which remember those men who gave their lives during the Kokoda Campaign. One of these well-known memorial sites is the Kokoda Memorial Hospital. Its construction was finished in 1995 and was built by Rotary Australian volunteers and named after those brave Allied men who gave their lives during the Kokoda Campaign.

The construction of the Kokoda Memorial Hospital was financed by the Australian Government and staffed by the Government of Papua New Guinea. This international effort is a testament to how the two nations worked side by side in the Kokoda Campaign during World War II.

The Kokoda Memorial Hospital also offers accommodation for travellers passing through the town, providing dormitories, showers, toilets, gas stoves and kitchens with cookware and utensils. All proceeds are put towards purchasing medical supplies for the hospital and its patients.



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