Papua New Guinea Tourism

So you’ve booked a trip to Papua New Guinea? Great! PNG is one of the most exciting and adventurous places in the world and is characterised by the most diverse set of cultures, scenery and activities available anywhere in the world. Although it is not overrun by tourists, Papua New Guinea tourism can offer plenty of tours, tour operators and tourist attractions.

Papua New Guinea Tourism

In Papua New Guinea there are plenty of tour companies and adventure operators which offer many tours – from nature tours, village tours, helicopter tours, World War II tours to city tours or even volcanic tours. Furthermore, one of the beneficial features that tourism PNG has on offer includes a wide range of local guides who take visitors on guided tours.


Unique for tourism PNG is the variety of adventure possibilities such as trekking, diving, surfing, fishing, cruising, bird watching, kayaking, snorkelling, and many more… there’s no limit!

People, Culture & Language

Experiencing the locals, their culture and language is also a part of the Papua New Guinea tourism experience.
There are over 850 indigenous languages and at least as many traditional societies which still practice their traditions through dance, song, art and other customs. Tourism PNG wide includes tours to stay in small villages (the so-called ‘village tours’) which are a perfect way to learn more about the culture – the local customs, lifestyle and religious beliefs. Besides the indigenous people are more than welcoming to visitors.

Cultural Festivals

There are cultural events which happen all year round throughout all regions of Papua New Guinea. Attending and exploring one of these events is definitely a unique and special experience of Papua New Guinea tourism.

Papua New Guinea Accommodation

Papua New Guinea tourism can offer many different accommodation options: whether you are looking for a quiet place or an adventurous atmosphere; whether you are on a business trip or visiting the island as a backpacker; whether you prefer staying in a luxury hotel or want to experience the culture by home stay; there is something available which suits every budget and need.

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