Papua New Guinea Adventure Holiday

Are you looking for an adventure holiday but don’t know where to go? Have you ever considered going to Papua New Guinea? Papua New Guinea, also known as the ‘land of the unexpected’, is one of the most exciting, remote and adventurous places on the planet. There is no limit to the adventure possibilities: surfing, diving, trekking, sightseeing and much more…

Do you have a passion for hiking and the great outdoors? Well maybe a Kokoda adventure is right up your alley. A Kokoda adventure involves walking the famous Kokoda Track that links the southern and northern coast of Papua New Guinea.

The Kokoda Track is not only a beautiful, world class PNG trekking adventure – it is a trek into Australia’s wartime history. It is akin to a spiritual journey for those who wish to connect to the historical significance and also an empathetic bridge for Australians and Papua New Guineans to better understand each other. Every adventurous Australian should experience this Kokoda adventure at least once in their lifetime!

The Kokoda Track can be both a physical and mental challenge. You will enjoy the PNG trekking adventure if you are fit, which is why you should start your own personal walking training programme as soon as you book this adventure holiday.

Your Kokoda adventure will start with a walk to Kokoda Village across the airfield, arriving at the old Kokoda battle-field. Your PNG trekking adventure continues as you descend and ascend numerous hills – amongst others you will ascend Mt Bellamy, the highest point on the Kokoda Track. You will also come across a number of river crossings, climb through open grasslands, mount the Maguli Range, experience a long steep climb up Imita Ridge and wade through the Goldie River as part of this adventure holiday. Finally you will get to know the locals along the track – you will experience the local culture and begin your familiarisation with their language and their customs.

Trekkers are sure to have a PNG trekking adventure of a lifetime!

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