Experiencing Madang PNG

Are you planning on spending your holidays in Madang PNG? Then you have a lot to look forward to with its untouched natural scenery, a variety of water activities, visiting volcanic islands and a town with plenty of arts and crafts markets and festivals.

Madang PNG – Province and Town

Madang is one of 20 provinces in Papua New Guinea and is situated along its northern coast. The capital of this province is a town of the same name – Madang.

Although small, with only 365,000 inhabitants, the town has modern urban facilities like grocery stores, hotels, tourist shops, bustling arts and crafts street markets and festivals. It is a key destination for meetings and conferences. Furthermore, Madang – perched on a fertile peninsula -has one of the South Pacific’s most beautiful and tropical deep water harbours.

The Natural Scenery

Huge tropical rainforests, alpine grasslands, volcanic islands, wetlands and high mountain ranges (e.g. the Adelbert Ranges, the Schrader and Bismarck Ranges) are all part of the natural scenery in the province.

Due to these ranges and the resulting varying altitudes you will find some of the country’s most beautiful and exotic plant and animal life in Madang PNG.

The Islands of Madang PNG

The islands of Madang are known as some of the most appealing islands in the South Pacific. They are uniquely characterised by unspoiled black and white sand beaches that line gorgeous coral reefs and world-famous dive sites. Along the coastline you find not only vanilla, coconut and cocoa plantations but also volcanoes that are still active. This is because the coastline of Madang lies along a geological fault line at the edge of the Pacific Ocean which is commonly known as the ‘Ring of Fire’.

Water Activities

Along the stunning coast of Madang there are outstanding diving and fishing spots. There is also great snorkelling and canoeing fun to be had here. When diving in this area you benefit from world famous coral gardens as well as superb visibility in the water. In addition, you can explore the 34 sunken ships of World War II when diving at Hansa Bay. Kranket and Siar Islands are two of the most popular swimming spots.

How to get to Madang

The easiest and most common way to reach Madang is by aircraft – flights are usually from Port Moresby Airport (POM) to Madang Airport (MAG). Air Niugini flies regularly to Madang.

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