Things to do in Port Moresby

Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea, is a spectacular city with a lot to offer. There are also regular cheap flights to Port Moresby, making it not just fun and exciting, but also an affordable travel destination. The following things shouldn’t be missed on your Port Moresby travel itinerary:

National Capital Botanical Gardens

Your Port Moresby travel experience will not be complete without a trip here. Although best known for an extraordinary collection of orchids unique to Papua New Guinea, the gardens also have numerous other plant species, colourful birds, tree-climbing kangaroos and insect and snake houses.

Ela Beach and the Ela Beach Craft Market Run

Ela Beach is a beautiful beach along the tip of Port Moresby. Nice houses rest atop the surrounding hills overlooking the beach. When you go there also stop at the Ela Beach Craft Market which you can visit on the last Saturday of each month. You can find local artefacts at these markets making it the perfect place to buy all your souvenirs to remember your Port Moresby travel experience by.

Moitaka Wildlife Sanctuary

This is a crocodile research farm located in Port Moresby which has – beyond numerous crocodiles – also a small zoo with native animals and birds. Once per week, the crocodiles are fed a meal of chickens. Also in Port Moresby is the new Orchid Garden and Wildlife Sanctuary located at 14 Mile, Port Moresby.

National Museum and Art Gallery

Located on the slopes of Independence Hill, this traditionally designed museum houses an excellent collection of New Guinea art and cultural artefacts.

Bomana Cemetery

A visit to the Bomana Cemetery during your Port Moresby travel is well worth it. Surprisingly it is the cemetery with the most Australians killed in World War II.
Brown River

The river runs through Port Moresby and is popular for swimming and rafting, while its banks provide an ideal spot for picnickers.

Rouna Falls and Varirata National Park

The thunderous falls are a popular tourist site in Port Moresby. Also go to the Varirata National Park – a natural mountain region that offers fantastic views and a wealth of birds and other wildlife.

Getting there – Flights to Port Moresby

Port Moresby is the main point of entry into Papua New Guinea for all air-traffic. The national airline is Air Niugini – that’s why they are able to offer the most competitive rates and cheap flights to Port Moresby.

Flights to Port Moresby from Australia are reasonably affordable. Especially if you book online and seek one of the special fares you’ll find cheap flights to Port Moresby.

Flights to Port Moresby from other countries are fairly expensive. Those tourists should fly to Australia (Cairns, Brisbane or Sydney) and pick up one of the cheap flights to Port Moresby from there.

Air Niugini has regular flights to Port Moresby from Brisbane, Cairns and Sydney.

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