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Aircraft manufacturer heaps praise on Air Niugini

President for Fokker Services, Peter Somers commended Air Niugini for its continuous effort in improving the performance of its Fokker 100 fleet and achieving high levels of reliability.

Mr Somers comments followed a presentation by Air Niugini General Manager-Engineering, Tahawar Durrani on ANG’s Fokker 100 fleet during the 09th Fokker Operator’s conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands last week.

The presentation covered overall performance of ANG’s Fokker 100 fleet, its history, operational challenges faced by the airline and the mitigating steps taken so far to improve the performance and reliability of ANG’s Fokker fleet.

Mr Somers said “We are more than happy to hear about the high levels of reliability being achieved by ANG’s F100 fleet. Going forward, be assured that we are committed to support Air Niugini to ensure this continues.”

Air Niugini’s presentation caught the attention of participants, mostly European operators and major aviation related companies, who were impressed with the performance of Air Niugini’s F100 fleet but were more surprised to learn about the operational challenges. As we all know, Papua New Guinea has some of the toughest terrains in the world that makes airline operations very challenging. The unpredictable weather, short and narrow runways, high attitude airports with difficult approaches. This is combined with limited navigational aids and other support services at the airport including fuel, ground equipment and terminal facilities.

“The presentation on Papua New Guinea, Air Niugini and your Fokker 100 operations was a real eye opener in all respects for the majority of the people in the audience. It was undoubtedly one of the highlights of the conference. A number of European operators were impressed by what has been achieved by Air Niugini in improving the performance of its F100 aircraft.” Mr Somers said.

The Fokker boss said “There is no reason that the Fokker 100 fleet cannot continue to operating at this level for the next 10 years. We are continuously looking at ways to keep the aircraft relevant technologically as well as from the perspective of passenger appeal and have a number of cost effective options to keep the passenger cabin looking modern and appealing to your customers.”

Air Niugini currently has a total seven Fokker 100 aircraft in its fleet which operate both domestic and international routes.

Over 200 executives from various airlines and aviation related companies around the world attended the conference. Apart from the Fokker presentation, the Air Niugini team also did a promotion of Papua New Guinea.

Mr Somers concluded “ It was a great opportunity to showcase the beauty and attractions of Papua New Guinea to a broad audience and it certainly made an impact on the audience.”

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