Refund Policy

Refunds are governed by the circumstances of cancellation and normally can be made only in the country where the ticket has been purchased. Documentation for refunds for Electronic tickets purchased on the Internet can be processed at the nearest Air Niugini Sales Office or contact the eCommerce Support.

Passengers are requested to retain all ticketing covers, references and emails even after travel is completed. By doing this it will help to make speedier re-ticketing and/or refunds.

Applicable service fees are charged when processing a refund on a ticket/MCO, both valid and expired. This is in addition to the cancellation and refund penalties described in the airfare Terms and Conditions. The penalties in the rules and conditions paragraph are associated to the airfare itself. The following penalties are applicable service fees:

  1. Normal unrestricted tickets/mco’s within validity when refunded: PGK110.00 refund fee
  2. Normal unrestricted tickets/mco’s expired when refunded: PGK110.00
  3. Restricted – Excursions/Apex/Published & Unpublished net fares refunded or upgraded within validity: Restricted Fare penalties as per Rules. Contact your nearest Air Niugini Sales Office for more information.
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