All baggage, cargo and any hand luggage carried on all Air Niugini aircraft will be subject to hundred percent mandatory Screening and Searching through the use;

  1. X-Ray machine
  2. Physical and Manual Search/Checks
  3. Use of hand held detectors.

Ports where physical and manual searches are carried out, all baggages, boxes and cargo are opened for physical inspections. Hundred percent checks are carried out by the screening authority or Air Niugini Security contractors.

Restricted Articles/Items

Items such as knives of any size, metallic objects, spare parts, umbrella, curves with sharp edges, that has the potential to be used as a weapon in the cabin are not allowed to be carried as carry on luggage. All these items can be carried as check in baggage.

Check in/Hold Baggage

Check in or hold baggage should only be personnel eftects, clothing, shoes, books etc. Any machinery items such as generators, chainsaws, spare parts should all be consigned as cargo as these will not be accepted as check in baggage.

Matches or gas lighters ar not allowed to be carried on the aircraft either as cabin or check in baggage, as all Air Niugini flights are non-smoking.

All baggage should not be left unattended at the airport, neither should any baggage be given to Air Niugini or security stff for safe keeping. All passengers are required to have all their baggage with them at all times, with the acception of checked baggage that is already in Air Niugini’s care.

Unaccompanied baggage will not be transported on any Air Niugini Aircraft. All baggage should be attached to a passenger.

Passengers who fail to board a flight will result in the baggage been offloaded before the aircraft departs.

Liquids, Aerosels and Gels (Lags) on International flights

All liquids, Aerosel and Gels that are more than 100 ml or more than 3.4 fl oz should not be carried into the cabin or as hand luggage, but should go on board as checked baggage.

Lags that are less than 100 mls can be carried as cabin baggage provided it is placed in a clear sealable plastic bag.

Intoxicated passengers

Intoxicated passengers or drunken passengers displaying aggressive behaviour or is smelling excessively of alcohol will be refused boarding until fully sober.

No third party check in is allowed, all intending passengers must front up to the check in counter in person to check in, unless in very remote circumstances.

All transiting passengers with their cabin or checked baggage who leave the aircraft or the sterile areas while the aircraft is in transit will be subjected to hundred percent screening or search before re-boarding the aircraft.

Firearm and Weapons

It is a mandatory requirement mthat all firearms or weapons of any sort that is intended for carriage on all Air Niugini aircraft must be formally declared and should travel on the aircraft as a separate security item.

Firearms and weapons that exceed 5kg will not be allowed carriage as Check in or Hold passenger baggage. It should be taken to cargo terminal for consignment as Hold stowed cargo.

Items that are less than 5kg can be carried as passenger hold baggage on the mandatory condition that it is declared at the Air Niugini ground handling agent and the proper documentations are raised.

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