Cheap Honeymoon Packages in Papua New Guinea

Your honeymoon is an experience of a lifetime.  It’s probably something you have always been dreaming about and will remember and cherish for the rest of your life. However, finding the right honeymoon experience and travel package can be incredibly difficult. And when you have to factor your post wedding day budget in it might look like you just can’t afford that romantic, tropical, overseas getaway you’d always dreamed of.

Papua New Guinea is fast becoming the number one choice as a unique honeymoon destination that is romantic, tropical, full of adventure, affordable, private and not overrun by tourists. Moreover, it is a relatively cheap honeymoon destination, where you get all that luxury without the hefty price tag. Flights are reasonably affordable and Air Niugini offers regular cheap air fares to and throughout the region.

Papua New Guinea’s landscape, culture and tourist activities are so diverse that there is sure to be something for all honeymooners. So it all depends on what kind of honeymoon travel package you’re looking for…

The Tropical Beach Getaway

If you’re looking for a relaxing tropical beach holiday where the majority of your day consists of lazing on a beach then Papua New Guinea should be at the top of your list. New Guinea is renowned for its beautiful, secluded, pristine beaches and slow-paced, informal island lifestyle. After the stress of all the wedding planning and wedding day, one week in Papua New Guinea will leave you recharged, stress free and relaxed.  If you want a little more activity you can try taking a cruise around some of the smaller islands, snorkelling, bird watching or even fishing. Spend your nights sipping on cocktails by the beach and sampling the local cuisine at some of Papua New Guinea’s top restaurants.

The Action Packed Adventure Holiday

Does the idea of lying on a beach all day drive you crazy? Then don’t worry, there’s so much to do in Papua New Guinea. Papua New Guinea is frequently cited as the “Best Dive Destination in the World” and there are numerous dive operators; some offering daily dives and others week long diving adventures. Surfing and fishing are also activities Papua New Guinea is famous for. Don’t like getting your feet wet? No worries. Papua New Guinea also boasts trekking, mountain climbing and bushwalking as some of its most popular tourist attractions. You’ve probably already heard about the Kokoda Trail but keep in mind that this will take at least six days to complete. There are other shorter trails and treks you can do through the beautiful forests and mountain areas in New Guinea.

The Cultural Journey

Papua New Guinea’s diverse and largely untouched culture is another major drawing card for honeymooners who want to absorb themselves in a unique and exotic culture. With over 850 indigenous languages and just as many traditional societies, Papua New Guinea’s diverse culture is a feast for all the senses. Visit tribes that still practice their traditions through art, song, dance and other customs. The colourful locals are more than welcoming to tourists, keen to share their tribal customs.

Luxury Honeymoons on a Shoe String

Another reason to put Papua New Guinea at the top of your ideal honeymoon destinations is that it’s affordable. Budgets are usually tight after all of those wedding related expenses – the rings, the dress, the flowers, the location, the reception… the list could almost go on forever! Most couples allocate most of their wedding budget to the wedding day and by the end of it all there’s not much left for the honeymoon. But you don’t need to do your honeymoon on the cheap. Papua New Guinea is a relatively cheap honeymoon destination. Your dollar goes a lot further here and it’s still an exotic overseas adventure.

Getting there

Air Niugini is the national airline of Papua New Guinea. Air Niugini has air flights from Brisbane, Cairns and Sydney to Port Moresby regularly. As Air Niugini is the national airline for Papua New Guinea they are able to offer the most competitive rates and cheap air fares.

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