10th Sepik River Crocodile and Arts Festival



On August 05th to 07th 2016       |             At Ambunti, East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea

The Sepik River Crocodile Festival is a three-day cultural celebration staged annually in Ambunti, East Sepik Province of Papua New Guinea.
The Sepik River is one of the largest rivers in the Asia-Pacific region and is home to some of the world’s largest freshwater and saltwater crocodile populations.

Why are crocodiles significant to the Sepik people?

Crocodiles are part of the Sepik heritage. Men and crocodile share a special bond. The Crocodile symbolize Strength, power and manhood. Many boast of scares cut into their skin during initiation. The scares resembling the back of a crocodile run from the shoulder to hip. Crocodiles are significant to the Sepik culture where they have cultural traditions, beliefs and legends based on this particular animal.

The Sepik River has two species:

Salt water crocodile (Crocodilus porosus)
Can grow over ten meters long and is found in both the rivers and coastal areas of PNG. It is highly sought after for its skin.

Freshwater crocodile (Crocodilus novaeguineas)
Common in PNG is small and can grow to a length of three to four meters

The Sepik River and its habitants especially the crocodile are increasingly under threat from:

  • Pollution from unsustainable logging, mining & exploration and agriculture expansion.
  • The increasing impacts of climate such as rising water level, erosion could lead to loss habitats and threaten the eco-systems. Fish populations, the top source of protein and overall life support systems the communities along the Sepik are being threatened with the increasing population of introduced species such as Pacu (Piaractus brachyponium) and grass cutter (Caprimus carpio)


Visitors are welcome to attend the festival, but as transport and accommodation can be limited, it is important to make arrangement in advance.

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