April 1, 2021


Air Niugini continues to offer training on International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) to external clients in the maritime industry and has recently conducted training for 11 officers from the National Maritime Safety Authority (NMSA).

The three days training carried out last week, March 23rd to 25th at the Air Niugini Aviation Training Centre at 7Mile in Port Moresby, was specifically for NMSA Captains and Chief Engineers.

Marine dangerous goods are hazardous materials/dangerous goods that endanger marine life. Some examples of these goods are; Ammonium Nitrate, Cyanide, Hydrochloric Acids, Paints, Explosives, Fuel (Petrol, Kerosene, Diesel, Jet A1), Aerosols, Gases (Compressed, Liquefied, Refrigerated, Dissolved, Absorbed) and substances that endanger the Marine life.

This was the first IMDG Code training for 2021 carried out by Air Niugini Non-Technical Training Instructor, Martin Tugano with four more planned throughout the year.

Air Niugini started offering training on IMDG to external clients a year ago and has so far ran three IMDG Code courses in 2020 for other shipping companies including Express Freight Management, Origin Energy and Hombinmbo Investment Ltd.

Mr Tugano said, “NMSA is the regulator in regards to the shipping of dangerous by sea and therefore, need know the provisions of the IMDG Code to execute their duties when inspecting shipping companies in PNG. This training is vital for them.”

The training covered general provision for Dangerous Goods transported by Sea, and the classifying, identifying, packing, marking, labeling/placarding and shipping documentation of Dangerous Goods.

The IMDG Code training is an approved course recognized by NMSA as the national regulator, under the International Maritime Organization (IMO) requirements.

“We had overwhelming response from the shipping companies on the training we provided for them last year. Some shipping companies have already engaged us in running the DG Awareness training for their shore-based staff. We are looking at providing further training for other shipping companies in PNG,” Mr Tugano added.

There are also requests from countries in the region including Federated State of Micronesia to run the IMDG Code training, however, due to the Covid-19, the plan has been held back.

Mr Tugano hopes to have more shipping companies throughout the country and the region send their staff for these training so that the Safety of Life At Sea for our passengers and shipping crew will be maintained at high safety standard.

On behalf of Air Niugini, he thanked NMSA and its management for choosing Air Niugini Aviation Training school as their training choice for the Maritime dangerous goods (IMDG Code) training.

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Corporate Communications Department

Tuesday 30th March, 2021