Air Niugini Renovates Foremen’s Technical Library

February 25, 2020

Air Niugini Renovates Foremen’s Technical Library

The Ground Support Equipment (GSE) division recently opened a newly renovated technical library for its foremen.

The new facility, which took four weeks to complete now stores manuals with vital information on correct maintenance methods and procedures which the GSE technicians can refer to when working on ground equipment.

These include quality of workmanship in rebuilding and installation of parts, adherence to Original Equipment Manufacturer maintenance procedures, and ordering of correct parts.

The library can also be used to improve competency of operators or end users from other departments within Air Niugini who wish to use it to further their skills and knowledge.

Air Niugini Managing Director, Mr Alan Milne opened the new library and encouraged staff to make good use of it. He also encouraged staff to feel free bring to the management’s attention any challenges they may be faced with at their workplace.

He said “If you are faced with issues at your workplace, that’s causing delay to progress of work, please talk to your manager, do let us know so that correct actions can be taken to address them. You are the experts and we as the company must make sure that proper tools and facilities are provided to enhance your input. “

“I also encourage staff members with smart ideas  to contribute to our Higher Altitude Program so that we can all help to improve Air Niugini’s overall performance.”

Acting Manager Ground Support Equipment, Mika-John Loko thanked the management for the support and commitment. He shared the same sentiment, encouraging staff to make good use of the library.

He said, “Sometimes the biggest improvement starts with the slightest steps and I encourage staff to continue to work hard. A library plays an important role in promoting the progress of knowledge and skills, please look after this technical library and make good use of it.”


Corporate Communications Department

Monday 24th February, 2020