January 27, 2021

Air Niugini wishes to advise the travelling public not to buy airline tickets which are being resold including tickets purchased on our special offers.

This follows continuous reports that some of these heavily discounted tickets are being resold to the public.

Customers suspected of purchasing such tickets will have their bookings and tickets cancelled without notice and will be denied boarding. Therefore they  will lose the money they have paid to the person originally making the booking.   They also risk legal action.

As per the conditions of the fare, these tickets are not transferrable. Name change is not permitted and there are no refunds. Only the person whose name under which the initial booking is created can travel.

IDs are required at both the check-in and boarding.

Air Niugini also warns that there are certain groups and pages on social media (Facebook) that are using the company brand to re-sell tickets, namely ‘Air Niugini Special offers’ and ‘Air Niugini Ticket Sales’.

We advise that these pages and groups are not Air Niugini or linked to Air Niugini.

We also remind our customers who purchased these special tickets to ensure they travel on the specific dates as per the ticket or they will lose the ticket as the rules and conditions of the promotion still apply.


Corporate Communications Department

Wednesday 27th  January, 2021