Smart Ideas Winners Receive Awards

July 12, 2019

Smart Ideas Winners Receive Awards

Nine Air Niugini staff members were recently recognized for contributing best ideas towards the Smart Ideas campaign, which is part of the four pillars under the airline’s Higher Altitude Program.

The smart ideas campaign aims to reduce costs, generate more revenue, build a stronger and happier workforce and excel in customer offerings. It also ensures staff inclusiveness and helps them to think positively by contributing ideas.

Each month, staff from Air Niugini network both domestic and international submit their ideas to a committee who then selects and awards those who submit the best ideas.

The recent ideas contributed were from March to May this year. Most winning ideas centered around fuel optimization, cargo storage, excess baggage, tools storage, leasing of the airline accommodation and office space among others.

The winners received, among other things, smart phones and tablets, a month’s pass for free access to gym facilities at Air Niugini apartments and the airline merchandise.

The winning ideas are passed onto department champions and program officers within Air Niugini who implement them.  All staff members are encouraged to continue contributing ideas to the program.


Corporate Communications Department

Friday 12th July, 2019