Air Niugini awards commendation certificates to staff

May 4, 2015

Air Niugini awards commendation certificates to staff

Three Air Niugini staff members were awarded the prestigious Chief Executive Officer’s certificates by the airline board and management in recognition of their outstanding services to the airline.

Captain Rhys Molony and Mr Nagalingam Kulanthai successfully incorporated the recently acquired Fokker 70 aircraft into the Air Niugini fleet, and Ms Daisy Pumwa played a key role in the Graduate Airline Operations Cadets induction project.

Board Chairman Sir Frederick Reiher and Chief Executive Officer Mr Simon Foo presented the team with their certificates in Port Moresby last week – acknowledging their exceptional project management skills, project acumen, dedication and professionalism.

Mr. Foo explained that introducing a new aircraft into an airline’s fleet is not an easy task.

“It requires close co-ordination between multiple parties and there are many considerations to take into account such as the airline’s operational needs and the requirements of the maintenance provider, the aircraft manufacturer and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Papua New Guinea,” he said.

Mr Foo added that there were additional complexities such as fleet standardisation coupled with aircraft configuration specifics suited to the airline’s operational environment.

He added: “Captain Molony and Mr Kulanthai managed all essential coordination and organised training for the pilot, cabin crew, aircraft maintenance support and ground support as well as the required documentation and general preparedness of staff and facilities.”

Mr. Foo also had high praise for Ms Pumwa, an Avionics Engineer with Air Niugini’s Design and Engineering Department, who supported the Graduate Airline Operations Cadets’ Induction project.

“Selecting the best candidates for our company from a large group of university graduates was a demanding task. In taking the lead, Ms Pumwa proved that she understood the skills Air Niugini needs to thrive today and in the future.