Travel to Australia – New Requirements

January 16, 2021

In response to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the Australian Government has announced further changes to the requirements for travel to Australia from overseas.

These new restrictions include a greater than 60% reduction in the number of passengers allowed to be uplifted on Air Niugini flights to Australia, with effect from 15th January. Consequently, and as previously advised, based on the number of passengers already booked, Air Niugini has already had to close all Port Moresby to Brisbane and Cairns flights for any additional ticket sales from 15th January out to 28th February.

Despite the above, and due to the scale of the reduction in arrivals that has now been mandated by the Australian Government, unfortunately, there are a significant number of customers who have purchased tickets to travel to Brisbane or Cairns in the coming weeks who we are no longer permitted to uplift on their booked flights. These customers will be notified either directly, or via their travel agent, and will be provisionally booked onto the next flight with available capacity, at no additional cost. These flights may be after 15th February. Should the alternative date offered not be acceptable, customers can request a full refund.

Air Niugini sincerely regrets that a significant number of our customers will now not be able to travel to Australia on the dates that they had planned. Unfortunately, this situation is outside of the airline’s control, and as such Air Niugini will not be responsible for accommodation or any other costs which may arise as a result of the measures being taken by the Australian Government at this time.

We thank you for your understanding, patience and ongoing support as we manage this situation.

Corporate Communications Department
Friday 15th January 2021