Updated Domestic Air Travel Requirements

August 13, 2020

Updated Domestic Air Travel Requirements

Air Niugini acknowledges there has been confusion on the requirements for domestic air travel and is pleased to be able to provide firm information on this.

The SOE Controller has issued a new No 3 Domestic Travel Measures today (Thursday 13th August), providing the following directives;

  1. From 2359 Sunday night 16th August, Controller approval is not required for any passengers travelling domestically (Revenue Passenger Transport (RPT) or on charters).
  2. Consequently, effective immediately, sales offices and travel agents can sell tickets without seeking approval if the passenger is travelling on Monday 17th August or afterward.    Tickets for this weekend will still need approval.
  3. All persons buying tickets are to be provided a copy of the Air Passenger Travel Form (APTF) at the time they buy the ticket.  They are not to give this form to the sales office but bring it with them, completed, to check-in
  4. Effective immediately MPs and their support staff can travel domestically without Controller approval

Air Niugini’s domestic flights are now open for domestic travel to all airports in PNG except for Lihir, Kieta and Tabubil.

Passengers will still need a photo ID and must provide a completed APTF (Air Passenger Travel Form) during check-in. Passengers will normally be provided the APTF at the time of booking and are asked to bring it with them to check-in, but can be provided these forms to complete at check-in instead if necessary.   There is no requirement to get this form approved.  There is no requirement to seek any travel approvals, such as from the SoE Controller,  or local Police or local health authorities.

Passengers must ensure you are in one of the five travel approved categories.  These are students returning to their educational institute, persons returning to their place of residence, persons traveling for essential services, persons travelling for essential exempted business travel, or persons travelling for emergency reasons such as but not limited to the repatriation of deceased persons.


Corporate Communications Department
Date: Thursday 13th August , 2020