Updated International Air Travel Requirements

April 30, 2020

Air Niugini is pleased to be able to provide firm information on the process for international travel into PNG, after the State of Emergency (SoE) Controller issued a new Emergency Order today.

Air Niugini remains only approved to fly to Brisbane (five times per week), Cairns (two times per week) and Singapore (four times per week). Scheduled flights to other locations are not approved under the present SoE Controller directives. All international flights will continue to depart from and arrive at the normal international terminal. No persons meeting incoming passengers will be permitted around the terminal area.

Passengers wishing to return to PNG must adhere to the following process;

  • PNG Citizens and PNG permanent residents must contact the PNG Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAIT) to request a return. This will normally be via their nearest Embassy, High Commission or Consulate. For PNG citizens if you cannot afford the cost of the hotel you must advise DFAIT of this, DFAIT will then discuss with you to make appropriate arrangements.
  • Non-PNG citizens must send their request for uplift (including explaining the reasons for uplift) to covid19-admin.logistics@police.gov.pg.

Air Niugini cannot book your ticket for uplift (or change present bookings to new uplift dates) until we have;

  • For citizens/permanent residents: Evidence from DFAIT that your uplift has been approved by the Emergency Controller; or
  • For Non-PNG citizens: Evidence that your uplift has been approved by the Emergency Controller
  • Evidence of the location of which a person will be quarantined, through evidence of a hotel booking or other relevant evidence

Most of Air Niugini’s overseas sales offices are presently closed, so enquires relating to international bookings and passengers supplying the information above may be emailed to We Care 20 wecare20@airniugini.com.pg

Bookings for all inbound international flights will close 24 hours prior to scheduled departure.

The hotels presently approved by the Emergency Controller are Holiday Inn, Ela Beach Hotel, Sanctuary Hotel, Dixies Bungalows, Grand Papua Hotel, Stanley Hotel, Hilton Hotel, Laguna Hotel and Granville Hotel for self-funded persons returning.  Passengers will be transported directly to their place of quarantine immediately upon clearing CIQ after arrival.

Passengers checking in for inbound international flights are required to show the following;

  • Passport and valid visa (where not travelling on a PNG passport) (as always);
  • Ticket (as always);
  • Evidence of at which approved facility you will complete your 14 days quarantine; and
  • A copy of the approval to uplift from the controller.

Customers are also advised that the SoE Controller has directed that there shall be no in-flight catering provided on the aircraft. Therefore, passengers are advised to have something to eat before boarding the aircraft or bring snacks with them. We expect eateries and duty-free within the airports will be closed. Bottles of water will be placed onto seats prior to boarding.

Corporate Communications Department
Thursday 30th April, 2020