Corporate Travel (UATP)

Air Niugini UATP

It’s now easier than ever to travel for business with Air Niugini UATP – a global travel card programme that allows companies to manage their travel expenses effectively.

Accepted as a form of payment by travel agents and more than 260 airlines for air, cruise and rail travel as well as hotel stays, UATP is a secure and cost-effective way to book your next business trip.


How it works

When your company signs up to UATP, you can choose between a card account, a lodged account or a combination of both. A card account provides the traveller with a physical card that can be used to book business trips through a travel agent or directly with Air Niugini or another airline. With a lodged account, no card is issued so the traveller simply provides the account number to the travel agent, which can then be stored in their profile for future payments.

All the information about the trip is recorded in the UATP online system and presented in a detailed report – making it easy to view travel expenses and track a traveller’s carrier, destination and travel itinerary.

What you get

Comprehensive reports: View detailed travel expense patterns for your company with precise information for budget analysis and forecasting of travel expenses. Instantly see who travellers are, where and when they travel, on which carrier they travel, and how much they pay.
Easy reconciliation: Concise, centralised billing from the issuing airline is available in multiple formats to interface with your corporate accounting systems. Customised billing options break down expenses by cost centre, department, project, client, employee or other category – whatever best suits your needs.
Improved control: UATP keeps travel charges separate from other expenses, discouraging credit misuse and simplifying reconciliation.
Elimination of fraud: UATP is a centrally billed system, allowing you to consolidate data into one statement for better monitoring and compliance of travel policy while eliminating employee fraud. Lodged accounts are card less – reducing account number exposure and limiting the risk of employee abuse.
Flexibility: UATP offers one of the most efficient and flexible payment systems available, including a card less account.
No hidden costs: UATP has no application fees, annual fees or currency conversion fees (this can be as much as 3%). There’s no per card fee or minimum number of cards required.

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