Absolutely-Free Ticket

Want a Free Return Ticket on Air Niugini? No taxes to pay either!? It’s called the Ab-Free Ticket.

Thank you for your interest in the Ab-Free (Absolutely-Free) Ticket Initiative.  This initiative is run in conjunction with Air Niugini, Link PNG and Business Travel Centre (BTC) Groups Travel Section.

To partake in this initiative, please see our Terms & Conditions below.

Terms & Conditions

To obtain an Ab-Free Return Ticket (no taxes to pay) to any Air Niugini destination, you must meet the following conditions:

  1. You must be 18 years or older and will be acknowledged as the Group Travel Organiser (GTO).
  2. You must provide your full details, including address, email and mobile number, as they will be the recognised GTO contact details.
  3. You are required to organise* return group travel to any Air Niugini destination.
  4. A group is recognised as a minimum of 15 adults (2 children count as 1 adult)
  5. *Organise means;
    1. Creating or putting together a group for return travel on Air Niugini
    2. Liaising with BTC/PX or Travel Agent for the best available group fare
    3. Proving the full completed and correct group list per their passport or other ID, if for domestic travel.
    4. Whilst you are the main GTO dealing with BTC/PX/Travel Agent, you will also need to appoint a second person to act on your behalf, in your absence. These details are to be provided in writing to the booking office.
    5. BTC/PX/Travel Agent will not deal with multiple persons
    6. Ensure that all travel documents are valid; Passports have a minimum of 6 months to expiry, Appropriate visa’s for international travel.
    7. Responsible for collecting all funds and depositing at BTC /PX/Travel Agent per group conditions.
    8. Distribute the group tickets once all finalised.
  6. Your Ab-free ticket will be allocated on the basis that the minimum 15 adults are fully paid up. Should group numbers drop below 15, then the Ab-free ticket will not be allocated.
  7. Your Ab-Free Ticket will be on a firm basis, if travelling with the group, or space available if an alternative destination is chosen.
  8. Your Ab-Free Ticket will have a validity of 6months. If not utilised by the expiry date, the ticket will be forfeited.
  9. Ticket(s) may be allocated to another adult, if unable to be used by the GTO. This must be requested in writing via the booking office who handled the group travel.
  10. Not available to Funeral Groups, Contra Groups, Known events or on code-share flights. Black Out dates will apply and this will be advised by the Booking Officer.

Download (PDF) Absolutely-Free form here:   Ab-Free (Absolutely-Free)

Email us today at abfreeticket@airniugini.com.pg for more details.


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