Packed and ready to go

To make your journey as smooth as possible, we recommend that you check your baggage allowance before you arrive at the airport. If the weight of your luggage is over your allowance, you may need to pay an excess baggage charge.

Domestic Allowance

Passenger Type Type All Sectors
Business Class Non-FFP 20kg
Destination Members 20kg
Executive Club Members (Gold/Silver) 29kg
Economy Class Non-FFP 16kg
Destination Members 16kg
Executive Club Members (Gold/Silver) 25kg

International baggage allowance

If your international flight includes a domestic leg, then your international baggage allowance will apply for your entire journey provided that you have been issued with a single ticket.

Passenger Type Type All Sectors PNG to
PNG to
Business Class Free Baggage Allowance 40kg 40kg 40kg
Executive Club Members 45kg 56kg 45kg
Economy Class Free Baggage Allowance 30kg 30kg 25kg
Executive Club Members 35kg 46kg 35kg
Seaman 40kg

Interline/Online travel between PNG and North America/Area 1

Passenger Type Number of Pieces PNG to
North America / Area 1
Business Class 2 pieces 40kg
Economy Class 2 pieces 30kg
NB: Total dimension of the two pieces must not exceed 270cm (106in) with no one piece exceeding 158cm (62in). Baggage allowance will apply only when interline or carriage is on the same day (within 24hours) or on PX next immediate scheduled service where there is no scheduled service within 24 hours. Where an intended stop is taken en route, each carrier’s applicable baggage rules for their sector will apply.

Passengers with disabilities

You can check in a fully collapsible wheelchair and/or a pair of crutches as part of your baggage allowance.

Sports equipment

You can check in 10kg of any sporting equipment or 15kg of scuba diving equipment as part of your baggage allowance.

Air Niugini offers the following baggage allowance for scuba diving equipment;

Sector Allowance
International 23kgs (47lbs) plus an additional 15kgs (33lbs) per person.
Domestic 16kgs (35lbs) plus an additional 15kgs (33lbs) per person.

Air Niugini honours the International allowance for International passengers in direct transit on same day travelling to and from a domestic port in PNG.

Excess baggage costs for international flights

Charges for international excess baggage will depend on your destination. If your luggage is overweight, our staff will direct you to the excess baggage counter at the airport.