Wewak is situated within the East Sepik Province on the northern coast of Papua New Guinea. Wewak played a vital part in the war effort serving as the predominant airfield for the Japanese during World War II. In proximity to Wewak, Cape Wom is the location where the Japanese army surrendered in 1945 which is now a memorial site. While the region has experienced much change over the last few centuries, the culture of the local people endures in its rituals, costume and artefacts. The totemic scarification seen in the crocodile clans of the region is a point of fascination to many.

Things to see and do

Embark on a culture tour to discover more about the totemic scarification of young men in the Sepik River region. The region is littered with remnants of the war. Visit the Japanese Memorial Peace Park, which stands as a testament to the region’s war history and pays homage to Japanese soldiers who lost their lives. Travel to Cape Wom Surrender Park which marks the spot where the Japanese surrendered in 1945. Ask around for a guide to show you the war relics in the region. Pack your surfboard and head to Wewak to enjoy some great surf. Alternatively, Wewak’s headland offers the perfect opportunity to do some snorkelling, as does the outer reefs of the islands within its vicinity. Kairiru Island here also features some lovely waterfalls and hot springs. If you want to get up close to some of the larger varieties of marine life, such as stingrays and reef sharks, head out for a diving adventure on the Hermit Islands and Ninigo.

Other attractions worth checking out

  • Angoram and Lower Sepik River
  • Ambunti and Middle Sepik River
  • Maprik
  • Sepik Craft Market

Annual Festivals & Shows

  • Sepik Crocodile Festival, August

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