How to use the PROMOTION CODE

What is a Promotion Code”?

Promotion code (promo code) is created and published through our website and through social media when we promote special offers. This unique promotion code can be used by our passengers to obtain specific discounts when making the reservation online through our official website

Remember, we use these promo codes only during promotions and they will only function during those promotion times. So, look out and don’t miss!

How to use this ‘Promotion Code’ in the website to avail the particular discount?

Please follow below easy steps to use the Promotion Code accurately.

  1. Visit our official website
  2. Enter your travelling destinations, travel dates and number of passengers to the booking widget. Then enter the ‘Promotion Code’ published with the offer in the ‘Promo Code’ field.

Please double check the destinations and the travel dates with the relevant promotion ‘Terms and conditions’ before you proceed with the reservation. If they do not match the Promo Code will not work.

For an example see below:

  1. Then click on ‘Search Flights’ Button to proceed to the next page.
  2. Then you will see the flights for you have required and the discounted fares according to the promotion.  You can also notice the promotion name just above the flight details.


You can now select your most preferred flight schedule from the given options and click on the ‘Select the flight’ button.

  1. Then you will be directed to the below page where you can see the fare breakdown in detail and the promotional discount offered.

Then click on ‘Continue’ button to completethe booking process.