Save 20% on excess baggage

Air Niugini has availed prepaid baggage to the traveling public for those who think their baggage will exceed the allowable checked baggage allowance. Prepaid baggage is purchased in blocks of five kilograms (5kgs) with a minimum of five kilograms (5kgs) and a maximum of forty-five (45kgs) per passenger. Prepaid baggage is available on Air Niuginiís entire network and will be governed by the following:

  • Its available only on Air Niugini operated flights
  • Must be purchased at least three hours (3hrs) before departure at the nearest Air Niugini Travel Centres or through the website, visit
  • Prepaid baggage will not be purchased at check-in; only Excess Baggage is applicable at check-in
  • No single baggage item must exceed 32kgs
  • Prepaid baggage is non-refundable and deemed used when a flight departs and corresponding flight coupon status is closed or flown
  • Prepaid baggage is non-transferable
  • If there are residual, no refund will be made

Note: Passengers must correctly estimate the total weight and must pay the correct amount as once paid, no refund will be allowed

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