Special Handling and Assistance

Special Handling Customers

Our Special Handling Desk provides assistance to customers who have physical limitations, medical conditions, intellectual disabilities or other special needs.

How to request assistance

Should there be a requirement for special assistance during boarding, inflight or when disembarking, a request can be made to our Special Handling Desk. A family member or attending doctor (for Medical Cases) can seek confirmation for assistance on your behalf. Once the request or clearance (from our airline doctors/family member) is received, an arrangement will be made to attend to your special need where necessary.

Special Handling Cases Include:

Medical Cases:

Passengers/patient travelling have to make sure their doctor liaises with the airline doctor a week or 3days in advance or no less than 24hrs (minimum) before the departure time to get the airline doctor's approval to travel by air.

Unaccompanied Minors:

For children 6 years (6yrs if the child is confident enough to travel alone) and up to 11 years old who are traveling alone, a Meet and Assist can be arranged with the ground handling staff and Cabin Crew. UMNR fee is K120.00 for Domestic and K240.00 for International

Meet and Assist:

In such cases where passenger needs assistance to board aircraft, disembark, cannot speak fluent English or any form of physical disabilities, Air Niugini provides this service. Customer Service staff will meet and assist the passenger at check-in, during boarding and at disembarkation.


Your booking agent can assist with a special seating request. Be advised that specific seating on the aircraft will incur additional charges so ensure to clarify your specific requirement with your booking agent. The Special handling team can also assist in pre-seating you to your preference.

Pregnant Mothers:

A pregnant mother can travel if she is 36 weeks, depending on how well she is and the duration of the flight.
  • Her medical reports need to be assessed by the airline doctor and cleared before she travels.
    • From 20 - 33 weeks, passenger will need a Certificate of Fitness to Travel form which can be obtained from the attending doctor/physician, nearest Air Niugini Sales office or can be requested through email from the Special Handling team. Certificate of Fitness to Travel form can also be downloaded here.
    • 34-36 weeks an Incapacitated Form (INCAD Form) has to be filled out by the attending doctor/physician and sent to the airline doctor for assessment and approval. INCAD form can be requested through the Special Handling team. INCAD form can also be downloaded here.
      • NB: Both Certificate of Fitness to Travel and the Incapacitated form has to be sighted and approved by the Air Niugini airline doctor.

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