Special Meal Request

Air Niugini offers passengers a range of specific meals to meet their dietary, religious and medical requirements, on request. These special meal requests are offered only on our International flights. Travellers can request their preferred special meal types when booking on our website, before their scheduled flights.

If you are making your booking or reservation at your local Sales offices or Travel Agent for your international travel, please ensure to advise the sales agents of your meal preference.

Note, all special meals must be requested at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled flight departure except for the Kosher meal type that must be requested at least 48 hours prior to scheduled flight departure time.

Baby meal can only be requested for infants less than two years old. However, Parents are encouraged to carry food familiar to and preferred by their babies. For children between the ages of two and 12 years, you now have the option to request for a Child meal.

We will do our utmost to deliver your special meal requests, however we cannot guarantee availability.

Some special meals are unavailable on certain flights with shorter flying times. Special meals are not offered on our domestic flights.

The table below contains information about the special meals we offer.

Asian Vegetarian (AVML)

For vegetarian passengers. AVML is usually aromatic and spicy, and incorporates flavours from the Indian sub-continent. AVML can contain all types of vegetables, fresh fruit, dried fruits, legumes, dairy products, tofu, cereal, grains and vegetarian gelatine.

AVML does NOT contain any type of meat or by-products, fish, shellfish, eggs or animal gelatine.

Baby Meal (BBML)
Bland Meal (BLML)
Child Meal (CHML)
Diabetic Meal (DBML)
Fruit Platter (FPML)
Gluten Free Meal (GFML)
Hindu Meal (HNML)
Kosher Meal (KSML)
Low Calorie Meal (LCML)
Low Cholesterol Low Fat Meal (LFML)
Low Sodium (LSML)
Moslem Meal (MOML)
Non Lactose Meal (NLML)
Raw Vegetarian Meal (RVML)
Seafood Meal (SFML)
Vegetarian Meal Non Dairy (VGML)
Vegetarian Jain Meal (VJML)
Vegetarian Meal Lacto Ovo (VLML)
Vegetarian Oriental Meal (VOML)