Health & Safety

In order to promote the health and safety of trekkers on the Kokoda Track there are important measures that need to be taken, both in preparation for the trek as well as during it.

When preparing for the trek, travellers should be sure they are fit enough to handle the demands of the 96 kilometre journey. They should practice hiking and walking long distances in the boots they plan on wearing while on the trail in order to ensure that their boots will not cause their feet to blister. Along with being fit enough for the trek, travellers should be sure to pack all the essentials they will need for the journey. They should have clothing that will keep them cool during the day and warm at night as well as a hat to keep them protected and dry from the weather.

Trekkers should bring the right supplies with them including sunscreen, bug repellent, tape and powder for blisters, deodorant, toiletries and antibacterial wipes. Travellers should be sure to choose the trek itinerary that best fits their needs. Those who are more toward the lower spectrum of fitness should choose an itinerary that plans out a 9 to 11 day journey, while those who are in peak physical condition may want to consider a somewhat more challenging 6 to 8 day trek.

In order to ensure proper hydration, it is important that all trekkers drink water regularly especially during the hotter and more intense days. Hiking the trail causes the trekkers to expend a large amount of energy and so maintaining nutrition should be a top priority for all taking part.

Trekkers should remain on the path at all times unless stopping at a village or using the bathroom. Venturing away from the trail is damaging to the environment and can endanger the trekkers’ safety as well. The hiker could potentially get lost or have a run in with a dangerous animal. In order to prevent this from occurring always notify fellow trekkers or guides when heading off the trail for a bathroom break. Also all trekkers should be sure to check with their guides or nearby locals to make sure that the creeks and rivers are safe to swim in as well as if the water is safe to bathe with or drink.

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