Air Niugini receives IOSA Certificate

November 27, 2015

Air Niugini receives IOSA Certificate

Air Niugini has been certified with an International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) Operational Safety Audit(IOSA) certificate after successfully passing the program last month.

The IATA Operational Safety Audit Program (IOSA) is an international evaluation system designed to assess the operational and control systems of an airline, so as to ensure the safety and quality of the airline.

Air Niugini is the only IATA IOSA certified PNG airline operating in the country.

Chief Executive Officer, Mr Simon Foo shared the certificate with Civil Aviation Safety Authority-PNG, Director Mr Wilson Sagati, OBE in Port Moresby today(Friday 20th Nov).

Mr Foo said the certificate is in recognition of Air Niugini Limited having an Operational Safety System which meets the highest level specified and recognized by IATA.

He said “ It is not an easy audit as internationally recognized quality audit principals were used to conduct the program in standardized and consistent manner. We are pleased to know that Air Niugini has successfully passed the program again.”
Mr Foo also acknowledged the extensive role played by CASA PNG and its staff in helping Air Niugini over the years to obtain the highest level of Operational Safety Standard as recognized by IATA.

“ CASA PNG has always worked very positively and proactively with Air Niugini Ltd as it pursued a strategy of continuous improvement in developing its organization structure, policies and procedures , as to meet the world best practices in international aviation operations and safety.” Mr Foo said

Mr Foo concluded that safety continues to be a paramount importance in the operations of Air Niugini as the airline continues to be the premier airline serving Papua New Guinea and strives to deliver safe, reliable, cost effective air services whilst exceeding the expectations of its customers and stakeholders.

Corporate Affairs Department
Friday 2oth November, 2015