June 1, 2021

Air Niugini has partnered with International SOS to deliver PCR testing at Jacksons Airport for all passengers departing on Air Niugini flights.  With International SOS having operated in Papua New Guinea for over 28 years and employing more than 400 Papua New Guinean health workers,  Air Niugini believes they are well placed to support the delivery of this testing program.

PCR testing of all international passengers departing from Port Moresby commenced on the 17th May, following its upgrade from the prior Rapid Antigen testing.

Now that we have two weeks of evidence of effective implementation Air Niugini advises this test at time of check-in is considered to meet the requirement to have a COVID test within 72 hours of international travel.

There is no longer a requirement for passengers to take an earlier, separate COVID test at other locations away from the airport – the COVID test which is taken at the airport,  prior to check-in is sufficient.

The PCR test at the time of check-in is the GeneXpert PCR test.  Passengers are reminded that a small number of countries (such as Japan and China) require a specific type of PCR test to be taken, and should consult with their travel agent to confirm whether the test at the airport complies with the requirements of their country of destination.

For PX 001/PX 003 to Australia, COVID testing at the international terminal commences 4 hours before scheduled departure time.  For all flights to Asia, and PX 4005 to Australia, COVID testing at the international terminal commences 5 hours before scheduled departure time. Access to testing closes 2 hours before scheduled departure time for all flights, and  is free of charge. The testing facility is located in the small car park between the international terminal and the airport plaza.

A small number of passengers planning to travel have recovered from COVID and are no longer infectious. However due to virus shedding they continue to test positive with the PCR test.  For travel to Australia, the documents required for travel are accessible at    For passengers travelling to all other international destinations,  Air Niugini requires a letter from their country of final destination approving uplift, and also where applicable a letter/letters approving uplift from any countries being transited and from the airline they are onwards connecting onto.    This documentation needs to be sent to at least 24 hours prior to planned travel.

Air Niugini continues to operate six flights per week to Brisbane, one flight to Sydney, three flights per week to Singapore, twice weekly to Manila, and once weekly to Hong Kong. Flights to other locations remain suspended due to international border restrictions.

Wearing of face masks in the terminals and on board the aircraft is mandatory, hand sanitisers are provided for your protection, and social distancing is followed wherever practical in order to ensure your international travel remains as safe as possible.


Corporate Communications Department

Monday 31st May 2021