International Travel expected to Resume

September 10, 2021

Some positive news for people who have been delaying their travel plans due to COVID19. There are generally increasing signs that the present COVID19 restrictions on international travel are being gradually lifted.

The Premier of New South Wales(NSW), Australia announced on Saturday plans to phase out passenger caps and hotel quarantine aligned with NSW getting up to 80% of people within that State being fully vaccinated.  This is likely to occur in late October/ early November.

The NSW Premier further highlighted that this would “make sense” for those travelling from overseas who are fully vaccinated.  Prime Ministers and Presidents of other countries around the world have made similar statements with Europe, the United Kingdom and the USA already opening up international travel to fully vaccinated passengers.

Those planning to travel internationally are reminded that generally, all destination countries will require evidence that you have been fully vaccinated.  Passengers must understand that this is not a requirement from the airline, but rather could be a condition of travel imposed by the destination country.

For the AstraZeneca vaccine, passengers are also reminded that in order to be fully vaccinated, there is a two- month space between receiving your first vaccination dose and your second dose. Hence those planning to travel for Christmas, or even into 2022 need to plan well ahead to ensure you show evidence that you are fully vaccinated at the time of travel.

Corporate Communications Department
Thursday 09th September 2021