Kadovar Island Volcano Eruption

January 8, 2018

In light of the recent volcanic eruption on Kadovar Island in the Wewak district, Air Niugini wishes to advise the travelling public that Monday’s flight to Wewak was rescheduled due to the dust and volcanic ash fallout over the Wewak township.


Monday’s (08th January 2018) flight, PX126 from Port Moresby to Wewak has been rescheduled to daylight operations on Tuesday, 9th of January to allow for better visibility however this will be reviewed first thing in the morning to ascertain the situation.


Air Niugini assures the travelling public that the situation is being monitored very closely by the Air Niugini staff in Wewak in consultation with National Airports Corporation staff. This will continue on a daily basis until the situation is cleared for normal flight operations.


It is highly recommended that passengers travelling to Wewak should remain in contact with their Booking Agent or they may contact Customer Services, Port Moresby on 3273409 for updated information on flights to Wewak.