December 1, 2022

Air Niugini wishes to advise the travelling public that due to an ongoing dispute between Puma Energy and the Bank of PNG, Puma has decided to restrict the supply of fuel to Air Niugini and all other airlines effective from today.

This restriction applies to Port Moresby and all the airports around PNG. Unfortunately, there is no alternative supplier of aviation fuel in most airports, including Port Moresby.

Consequently, Air Niugini is forced to announce that the remaining domestic flights for today (Thursday 1 December) have been cancelled due to PUMA Energy’s refusal to supply Jet A1 fuel to the airlines. The airline is also cancelling half is domestic flying for Friday 2nd December to reflect these restrictions imposed by Puma. These cancelations will have to be ongoing each day until Puma’s restrictions are removed.

Air Niugini will endeavour to advise passengers in advance of their flight being cancelled, however due to the difficulties of predicting exactly when the daily fuel allocation will run out, this may not always be possible.

Puma has advised that they will continue to refuel international flights as normal.

Air Niugini regrets any inconvenience caused to our customers, however the situation is outside the airline’s control.

Air Niugini said “We have done everything possible to ensure that this situation did not occur and that we could continue to support the people of Papua New Guinea especially in this busy Christmas period. We can assure all our customers that we are completely up to date with our payments to PUMA Energy and this regrettable situation is 100% outside the control of Air Niugini. We will continue to work with all concerned to ensure normal operations can resume as quickly as possible”.

Air Niugini apologise to its customers for the inconvenience, acknowledging the matter is outside of its control and that the airline will not reduce its operational standards and that safety is always paramount.

Our customers are advised to revalidate their travel to the next available flight once the date these restrictions will be lifted is known.


Corporate Communications Department

Thursday 01st December 2022