Link PNG to introduce new fares

June 26, 2015

Link PNG to introduce new fares


LINK PNG Limited will be introducing new fares into the market which company executives say will be effected in the next few days.

The new fares are expected to complement its increased routes to the provinces and districts Link PNG general manager Daniel Wanma announced yesterday.

“LinkPNG Limited is about ‘our people, our country and our prices’.

“With the successful cost restructure implementation, the savings will now be passed down onto the customers,” Mr Wanma said.

He said the savings to be quite significant for instance, customers will now be paying K835, a savings of K51 from Port Moresby to Tabubil. Previously customers were expected to fork out K1056.

Mr Wanma said the biggest savings would be from Port Moresby to Losuia, Trobriand Islands where the airfares have been reduced by K201.

“Taxes and levies remain the same as airlines generally have no control over this component. Linking PNG affordably is our business,” Mr Wanma said while releasing the board approved fares.

Meanwhile, Link PNG announced that to complete its trans-country connection, it has begun flights between Tabubil and Mt Hagen on Tuesday and Thursday.

Earlier it had demonstrated its commitment and obligation by servicing Losuia after a 30 year absence on March 2015. In addition to this, it introduced connecting flights from Kiunga to Mt Hagen, to Lae and onto the New Guinea Islands, specifically to Rabaul and Hoskins.

The company announced it will be adding to this list Telefomin, Jacquinot Bay and Kandrian.

Link PNG said the list is expected to grow in fulfilment of the commitment of the board headed by Sir Frederick Reiher to ensuring a smarter, less frill and low cost carrier service throughout the country.

You can find out more about LinkPNG Limited flight schedules and other news by visiting the LinkPNG Limited facebook page you can also email and for bookings go online to or call toll free on 180 5465.